Translations and interpreting

The FOCUS of the

At the Charles University, Institute of translation studies studying from 2011 the scope of intercultural communication, translation and interpretation.  To spread their knowledge, I became a member of the unity of the interpreters and translators, I attend additional courses in the field of legal German, which is organized by the Faculty of law of the Charles University and courses for applicants for legal translators and interpreters, organized by the Chamber of court appointed interpreters in Prague.

At the moment I am the most translations and interpretation, in particular in the area of forensic identification of writers.


Translation from German into Czech language: CZK 300/NS
Translation from Czech into German: 350 CZK/NS

  • in the translation of one standard page is posted every started
  • normostranou means 30 lines after 60, i.e. úhozech. 1800 characters including spaces.
  • The total number of standard pages is calculated from the translated text.

Interpretation: 400 CZK/hour

  • the price of interpretation must be added the cost of travel and time spent by transport

The price of translation/interpreting are indicative and are always calculated according to a specific order. (Volume discount, long term interpretation, spěšnost, complexity of the text, etc.). For pricing please contact me.